Ugwu and Master

In the beginning chapters of Half of a Yellow Sun, the characters’ personalities and motives have been established, but are still being progressed.  Ugwu, a boy who works for his Master, already exemplifies the need to appease to authority.  This is evident even in the first chapter when Ugwu meets his Master for the first time.  In the beginning of chapter four, Ugwu’s goal is to learn and study everything he needs to know in order to make Master happy towards him.  He wants to be fully prepared for when Master would quiz Ugwu’s knowledge.  In addition, Ugwu feels a need for Master’s attention because Ugwu regards Master very highly.  When Ollana, Master’s mother coming to visit.  He dismisses certain things because it is for the end result of Master approving Ugwu’ worth.  Ugwu even felt the need to appeal to Master’s mother because after she began teaching him new recipes, “He, too, had started to like them, just as he liked the way she taught him to fry eggs with a little milk, to cut fried plantains in dainty circles rather than banana leaves” (108).  While Master and Ugwu have a solid relationship, Ugwu’s main goal is to make Master proud.