Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes: “Of course, I am against fascism with its spread of color prejudice and race hatred and working class oppression. How could any sensible Negro be otherwise? Therefore, I favor the legal government of Spain in its struggle against the Franco Rebels and all who believe as Franco does in crushing the people by force of arms.”


Langston Hughes remarks on his hatred of and opposition to fascism as he is an African American who believes that fascism oppresses his race and those of the working class. I agree with Langston Hughes on the fact that minorities within a fascist government would be subdued and treated as inferiors to the majorities. The working class would also suffer as the government controls all business and labors; therefore, the working class, or one of the lowest classes, would be dealt the hardest hand and those above them would benefit from their hardship. Langston Hughes mentions that he would want to “crush the people by force of arms.” In this regard, I do not agree. I do not think using force against the people of Spain will keep them in line or make them listen to the government forever. It will impose the same type of oppression that Langston Hughes dislikes about the fascist government on those who do not agree with the government of Spain. I understand that some force must be used to subdue the rebels and end the civil war within Spain; however, to what extent must the army and violence be used? If the government continually kills those who defy them, more and more people will continually feel oppressed and obligated to rebel.