Loyalty to the State or Traditional Values?

“No law did plead, unless the Martial Law. The sword did rule, and keep them all in aw;”

Cavendish is describing the aftermath of a civil war in society and how is destroys a community and their governmental system. She is claiming that during a civil war, the law and the power of the government changes because they have new motives. They become consumed and motivated by the conflict in their home. This comes as a shock to the public and the community as they have a moral conflict as to which set of rules to honor. This connects to the play, Antigone, because Antigone is compelled to stay true to her beliefs and the laws of her religion as well as traditional Greek society, Thus, she rebels against the formal decree made by her ruler, Creon, during this time of conflict and distress. Cavendish is illustrating the shift in morals, values, and basic laws and rules of society during a civil war. The society becomes consumed with and controlled by the conflict as a means of survival. Then, there comes a choice to be true to one’s culture and history as Antigone was, or to be true to one’s state and ruler no matter what.