Final Exam Review

The purpose of our final exam is to “revisit” or review the broad range of places and texts we have covered in the course and to synthesize some of the questions and ideas that we have explored. The open format of the exam also allows you to decide which stories and concepts you will take with you into the future—”choose wisely,” as they say.

With that in mind, feel free to use the comments on this post to ask or answer questions about material from the course. In contrast to Facebook or other study forums that you might use, I may be able to provide assistance with issues that arise here. However, it is primarily an opportunity for exchange amongst students: you might share your notes, define terms or confirm data, post information or link to resources, however please DO NOT post outlines or specific plans for the essay portion of the exam—that is for each student to compose individually.

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One Comment on “Final Exam Review”

  1. jtsuboike says:

    I’m having trouble finding/defining “”brutal realism.” My guess is that it relates to scenes in our readings that includes violence and death, but I’m not completely sure. Anyone have any ideas?

    On another note, here is my contribution for the the study guide:

    Aestheticize/Politicize: relates to “Easter 1916”, Graceland; “aestheticizing/politicizing the city” → turning the city into art/political issue. The question is “how much politics can a piece of art have, and still be considered an art?”

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